By James Herbert

Date of Publication



New English Library

Original cost of hardback first edition


International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

0 450 06076 4

Original first print run (where known)

Hardback - Unknown - Paperback - 400,000

Name of hero in the book

Steve Culver

Opening line of the book

"They scurried through the darkness, shadowy creatures living in permanent night."

General description of the dust cover

The cover illustration not credited. Author photograph on rear cover by Trevor Leighton (this is a familiar shot of James Herbert surrounded by darkness with the left hand side of his fact in shadow - a similar one is used on the cover of his biography 'Devil in the Dark'). The story outline is on the front flap of the dust cover with the last paragraph referring to the fact that this is the third book in 'The Rats' trilogy. One paragraph on the rear flap gives details about the author.

This is the first James Herbert book to have a bar code on the dust wrapper - on the back at the bottom.

Number of pages and chapter details

Story runs from page 11 to page 381.

Book starts on page 5 by telling us that it is 12.37 on a Tuesday in June in the not too distant future ... and on page 7 we are told the place in London. The book is divided into three parts entitled "Advent", "Aftermath" and "Domain". The book ends with a one page untitled epilogue. There are 34 chapters numbered as "One" to "Thirty-Four".

Roger's Review

Quite simply one of the best books I have ever read in my life. Highly recommended to anybody who hasn't read it. The book is unputdownable (if there is such a word) and leads to such a rollar coster ride of an ending that you are left breathless with excitement. The best James Herbert book I have read. An absolutely essential Herbert book that all fans must read - 10 out of 10.


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